Reasons Your Dentist May Recommend a Tooth Extraction

Dentist Sanford Tooth extraction is a procedure that is typically used to alleviate pain, infection, or severe crowding of the jawline. While your dentist will do everything possible to preserve your natural teeth, an extraction may be necessary to restore the health and beauty of your smile. In fact, there are a few instances when tooth extraction is commonly recommended by dentists. Some of these instances include:

Overcrowded Teeth
As your adult teeth grow into place, they will need enough room to fill in your jawline. If your teeth are overcrowded, you could run the risk of developing an impaction at a later date. When your dentist is concerned about overcrowded teeth, he or she may recommend that you alleviate the issue with a surgical tooth extraction procedure. Once you have removed the crowded tooth, the rest of your natural teeth will have plenty of space.

Severe Damage
Occasionally, a tooth may become so severely damaged that it cannot be restored using conventional cosmetic dentistry procedures. When your tooth breaks down to the root or develops a large cavity, it may need to be removed. Pulling out a damaged tooth can make space for a new dental implant, and this procedure can also prevent infection and other oral health problems.

Bone Loss Issues
Some patients may lose excessive bone around their existing teeth due to periodontal disease. If the tooth is mobile and the long-term prognosis of the tooth is questionable than an extraction may be recommended. Using extraction methods, your dentist can free the tooth and eliminate the periodontal disease while restoring health to a patient’s smile.

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