How Mini Implants Can Improve Your Oral Health

Dentist Sanford

If you have missing teeth, and your oral health has suffered as a result, then talk to your dentist about mini implants. With restorative implants, your surrounding teeth and gums will be better protected, and you will be able to eat the foods you desire. Let’s look at how mini implants can improve your oral health.

Prevent Damage to Healthy Teeth
When you lose teeth, the nearby gums and teeth will begin to weaken. As your oral and dental health weakens, your gums are more susceptible to receding, which can cause pockets of infections to form along the gum line. This recession can put the teeth at risk too, because they do not have strong connective tissues keeping them in place. This weakening can also affect the shape of your mouth and the appearance of your teeth and gums. Mini implants create a stable structure where the missing teeth were, which protects and prevents the remaining teeth and gums from weakening.

Prevent Gum Disease
Gum disease is one of the leading causes of oral health issues. Whether you have gingivitis or advanced periodontitis, your mouth and overall health is at risk. With missing teeth, there are more opportunities for bacteria to gather in overlooked crevices or hard-to-reach areas. This bacteria—and possible gum recession—create the perfect opportunity for infections and gum disease to occur. With implant dentistry, though, your gums will be stronger to fight infection, and it will be easier to conduct regular dental care.

Prevent Poor Diet
It is common to turn to a softer, more processed diet when you have missing teeth. However, processed foods are filled with sugars and carbohydrates, which increase the chance of gum disease and infections. When your dentist puts in mini implants, though, your mouth will have the strength to chew crunchy vegetables and meat. By following a healthy diet, your mouth and body will be healthier.

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