What Patients Should Know About the Six Month Smiles Program

Dentist Sanford

It is important to understand as much as you can about the many dental services available at your dentist’s office. One of the most popular is the Six Month Smiles program, which can transform your crooked front teeth into a straight and beautiful new smile. Continue reading to find out what you should know about the Six Month Smiles program.

It treats the visible teeth.
If you purposely smile with your lips closed or refrain from smiling altogether, then Six Month Smiles is for you. When you smile, the most noticeable teeth are those in the front. Six Month Smiles treats these specific teeth to straighten and correct your smile. The invisible braces are placed only on the front teeth; if you have major orthodontic issues, then consider asking your dentist about treatments to address the other areas of your mouth.

It uses traditional orthodontics.
What makes the Six Month Smiles program so effective is the use of traditional orthodontic appliances. Your dentist will place clear brackets and wires across your front teeth, and over six months the teeth will gradually move into the correct position. With traditional orthodontic appliances incorporated into your treatment, your teeth, teeth roots, and gums will not be at risk for any damage.

It requires a post-treatment retainer.
For your treatment to be fully effective and long-lasting, your dentist will fit you for a custom retainer after your initial treatment period ends. Depending upon your preference, you may receive a bonded or removable retainer. This retainer should be worn per your dentist’s instructions, because it will ensure your teeth do not return to their former positions.

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