The Right Way to Brush Your Teeth

As your dentist can tell you during your regular checkups and teeth cleanings, brushing properly is the key to a healthy smile. Using the tips found in the short video, here is the right way to brush your teeth every day:

Use a soft-bristled toothbrush to gently brush your teeth and gums. Do this action at least twice a day for two minutes at a time. This, plus brushing your tongue, is the best way to remove the maximum number of dangerous bacteria from forming on your teeth and gums.

Learn proper brushing techniques and other dental care tips from your dentist at Sanford Dental Excellence. We pride ourselves on our accomplished dentists and our routine and emergency dental care serving Sanford. Please call us at (321) 257-8528 to schedule a checkup or other dental procedures.

What Do You Know About Your Dental Plan?

Your dental plan, sometimes known as dental insurance, is important to your continued oral health. Knowing what the terms mean and what is or isn’t covered by your plan will be helpful when you visit your dentist. Watch the video for more information about dental plans.

A dental plan will likely have preferred providers, which means the dentists who partner with a given insurance company. This term is important as you select a dentist whose services will be covered under your insurance. Your plan may also have a maximum amount, which refers to the maximum dollar amount the plan will pay for your dental services throughout the year.

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Spotting the Early Signs of Gum Disease

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Spotting early signs of gum disease, also known as gingivitis, is crucial to your future health. By recognizing these signs, minor changes will result in a much healthier mouth. However, if you do not spot these signs, or you ignore them, you risk painful symptoms of advanced gum disease. Here are the early signs of gum disease:

  • Red and swollen gums are one of the first signs of gum disease. Your gums are fighting bacteria and infections that can lead to advanced periodontitis.
  • Bleeding gums when you brush or chew is another sign. It is essential that you brush twice a day and floss once a day, while seeing your dentist for regular teeth cleanings.
  • Consistent bad breath means that your mouth has infections and bacteria in it. This will not go away with mints, but it can be reversed with daily dental care and teeth cleanings.

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Questions to Ask Your Dentist About Lumineers

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It is common to have questions about Lumineers, because they are very similar to veneers, yet there are several differences. Preparation and removal are the main source of questions about Lumineers, and these subjects are discussed in further detail below.

What is involved in the preparation?
One of the main reasons patients choose Lumineers over traditional veneers is the ease of application. Your Lumineers can be prepared and applied to your teeth in two dental visits, and they will not require any invasive preparation. During your first visit with your dentist, a mold will be taken and sent off to a dental lab. Once your custom Lumineers are complete, the dentist will bond them to your teeth during your second visit. Your teeth may be etched for a better hold, but there is no need for enamel shaving, anesthesia, or other invasive methods.

Can Lumineers be removed?
If you ever wish to have your Lumineers removed, the process is simple and painless. Unlike veneers, your tooth enamel will not be removed or shaved down. Since your tooth enamel will still be intact, your dentist can easily remove the Lumineers. The appearance of your teeth will not be affected, and you can continue your life as usual.

Do they require special care?
Caring for your Lumineers requires similar practices to caring for the rest of your teeth. You should always brush your teeth twice a day and floss once a day to remove bacteria from your teeth and gums. Wear a sports mouthguard whenever you play sports or if you regularly grind your teeth at night. These practices can damage your Lumineers and the health of your entire mouth without the right protection. Refrain from eating hard or foreign objects like ice and hard candy. These can damage your Lumineers.

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What Patients Should Know About the Six Month Smiles Program

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It is important to understand as much as you can about the many dental services available at your dentist’s office. One of the most popular is the Six Month Smiles program, which can transform your crooked front teeth into a straight and beautiful new smile. Continue reading to find out what you should know about the Six Month Smiles program.

It treats the visible teeth.
If you purposely smile with your lips closed or refrain from smiling altogether, then Six Month Smiles is for you. When you smile, the most noticeable teeth are those in the front. Six Month Smiles treats these specific teeth to straighten and correct your smile. The invisible braces are placed only on the front teeth; if you have major orthodontic issues, then consider asking your dentist about treatments to address the other areas of your mouth.

It uses traditional orthodontics.
What makes the Six Month Smiles program so effective is the use of traditional orthodontic appliances. Your dentist will place clear brackets and wires across your front teeth, and over six months the teeth will gradually move into the correct position. With traditional orthodontic appliances incorporated into your treatment, your teeth, teeth roots, and gums will not be at risk for any damage.

It requires a post-treatment retainer.
For your treatment to be fully effective and long-lasting, your dentist will fit you for a custom retainer after your initial treatment period ends. Depending upon your preference, you may receive a bonded or removable retainer. This retainer should be worn per your dentist’s instructions, because it will ensure your teeth do not return to their former positions.

If you wish to correct your crooked smile, then call the dentists of Sanford Dental Excellence at (321) 257-8528. We offer Six Month Smiles invisible braces near Sanford as well as many other dental services. Call us right away to set up your consultation.

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