The Importance of Regular Dental Visits

Seeing your dentist regularly for dental checkups and teeth cleanings is an important part of your overall dental care. As you can see in this short video, your dentist can identify problem areas and so much more that concerns your dental and overall health. Continue reading to learn more.

Regular dental checkups are important because dentists take this opportunity to examine your mouth for cavities, gum disease, and oral cancer. Without these examinations, you could be at risk for various dental concerns, such as gum disease, tooth extraction, and so much more.

Make your checkup appointment right away with Sanford Dental Excellence. Dental checkups and teeth cleanings in Sanford are so important to your overall health and the health of your smile. Please call us at (321) 257-8528 to learn more.

Why Mouthguards Are a Must for Athletes

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Often, patients may need emergency dental care because a tooth was knocked out or chipped during a rousing game of football or basketball. These same patients, whether they are professional or amateur athletes, could all benefit from using a sports mouthguard during their games. As their dentist will quickly tell them, a mouthguard can protect the teeth and gums from severe amounts of damage. Let’s look at why it is so important for athletes to wear a mouthguard:

  • Mouthguards can be custom-made by dentists to fit each individual patient. This secure and personalized fit is the best way to fully protect the teeth and gums from injury during a sports game.
  • Wearing a mouthguard can protect the athlete from a ball or limb to the face, which may result in a knocked-out or chipped tooth.
  • A mouthguard can also protect the athlete from biting down on his or her own tongue and cheeks, which can also warrant emergency dental care.

Don’t go unprotected; trust Sanford Dental Excellence to make a strong, customized, and affordable sports mouthguard in Sanford. Call us at (321) 257-8528 to begin the process with a Sanford dentist.

Helping Seniors with Teeth Brushing

As adults age, their dental health becomes more important than ever. Visiting a dentist regularly and practicing proper teeth brushing are the best ways to maintain strong teeth and a healthy diet and lifestyle. Watch this video for a brief look at how seniors can receive help with teeth brushing.

Using an electric toothbrush is a great way to relieve the difficulty that might accompany teeth brushing. Electric toothbrushes do the work for the senior and they often indicate the amount of time left during each brushing session. These tools are helpful to maintaining a beautiful and healthy smile long into a mature age.

Trusting the dentists of Sanford Dental Excellence, mature adults will receive comprehensive dental care, from teeth cleanings to implant dentistry to dentures near Sanford. We are available to answer all questions about senior dental care at (321) 257-8528.

What Are the Risk Factors for Gum Disease?

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Gum disease, also known as periodontal disease, is a serious illness that can affect your oral and overall health. It starts with gingivitis—which is the only stage that can be reversed—and can soon turn into periodontitis and advanced periodontitis. Though seeing your dentist for regular teeth cleanings is important for preventing gum disease, certain risk factors might affect your future gum health.

  • Smoking and chewing tobacco raise your gum disease risk significantly. These habits lower your immune system and make it harder for previous gum damage to heal properly. Both side effects of smoking can lead to gum disease.
  • Genetics can raise your risk of contracting gum disease. If you are genetically predisposed to have weaker gum tissue or contract dental infections, then you are at a higher risk of developing gum disease.
  • Certain medications and conditions lower your immune system, which makes it difficult to fight off gum infections.

Whether you suffer from gum disease or wish to prevent it, call the dentists of Sanford Dental Excellence at (321) 257-8528. Our dentists in Sanford are highly qualified to address all of your dental concerns in general and cosmetic dentistry.

Signs You Should Consider Sedation Dentistry

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Sedation dentistry is quickly becoming a common option found in dental offices. You might consider speaking with your dentist about sedation for a number of reasons, including suffering from dental anxiety or requiring a lot of dental work. Let’s take a closer look at some signs that you could benefit from sedation dentistry.

You usually avoid the dentist.
If you have dental anxiety—meaning you get nervous or scared whenever you visit the dentist—then sedation dentistry may be for you. Dental anxiety often leads to dental care avoidance, which can lead to increased tooth decay and gum disease. The longer that you avoid visiting the dentist, then the likelier it is that you will have more dental problems. Sedation dentistry can keep you at ease so that you will visit the dentist for regular dental exams and teeth cleanings.

You get anxious easily.
In addition to dental anxiety, you should consider sedation dentistry if you have issues with anxiety throughout your daily life. This is a common problem that afflicts many people, so there is no shame in seeking extra help to allow you to care for yourself. If you become easily anxious, no matter the situation, then sedation dentistry can help relieve some of your anxiety and allow you the opportunity to care for your oral and dental health.

You need a lot of dental work.
You may not have a problem with anxiety, but sedation dentistry can be of great assistance when you require a lot of dental work. While you are under sedation, your sedation dentist can work quicker and with greater ease to correct your dental problems. You will feel much more comfortable physically as well, if your dental work is conducted under sedation.

Whether you suffer from anxiety or require much more than a simple teeth cleaning in Sanford, trust the dentists of Sanford Dental Excellence with your sedation appointment. We want our patients to be comfortable at all times, which is why we offer sedation dentistry. We are available to schedule your appointment at (321) 257-8528.

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