Tips for Making Your Teeth Whitening Results Last

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When you visit your dentist for teeth whitening sessions, you should also be looking toward the future. Once you receive your amazing results, there are a few tips that can help you maintain them. Continue reading to learn some easy and helpful teeth whitening tips.

Tip #1: Maintain healthy dental care.
Maintaining a healthy, daily dental care regimen is the most important step to making teeth whitening results and other dental procedures last. By keeping your teeth and gums as healthy as possible—with regular brushing and flossing—you can prevent damaging bacteria from wreaking havoc on your dental health and recent teeth whitening session. Consider using a tooth whitening toothpaste which will help remove and reduce mild surface stains, thus making your teeth whitening results last for even longer.

Tip #2: Avoid staining drinks and food.
One of the main causes of teeth staining come from various types of drinks and foods that are often consumed on a daily basis. The worst drinks that cause teeth staining are wine and coffee. Sodas, energy drinks, and other acidic drinks can be linked to teeth staining because they break down the surface enamel and cause bacteria to degrade the teeth. The worst offending foods are blueberries and blackberries. Though these fruits are healthy, they should be consumed in moderation to prevent teeth staining.

Tip #3: Refrain from smoking.
Smoking is one of the worst habits to affect your overall and dental health as well as your teeth whitening results. Smoking can yellow and brown your teeth, especially if done over a long period of time. If you have recently had a teeth whitening session, then refrain from smoking to make your results and your health last longer.

Sanford Dental Excellence is dedicated to providing you with long-lasting teeth whitening results in Sanford. Our cosmetic dentists use the most advanced technology to give you the brightest smile possible. Please visit online or call us at (321) 257-8528 to schedule an appointment with a dentist today.

Understanding the Dangers of Periodontal Disease

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Periodontal disease, also known as gingivitis or periodontitis, is a dangerous condition that can affect the entire body if left untreated. When a patient sees their dentist infrequently or has poor dental habits, he or she is in danger of more than just teeth and gum issues. Let’s take a closer look at the serious dangers that come with periodontal disease.

Tooth Loss
Many people believe that periodontal disease only affects the gums in the form of bleeding, redness, swelling, and possible tenderness. However, the gums make up the connective tissues that hold every single tooth in place. If the gums degrade through poor dental care and inattention, then their hold on the teeth will slowly loosen, which can result in tooth loss. It is very important to see a dentist before periodontal disease worsens because this can potentially save loosened or endangered teeth from extraction.

Bone Loss
When teeth are removed, possibly due to periodontal disease, the jawbone that helped hold them in place begins to break down. As the jawbone breaks down and bone loss occurs, the shape and appearance of the mouth may start to change. When a patient suffers from advanced periodontal disease, he may lose teeth, which can soon affect the health of his jawbone. Periodontal disease can also cause infections throughout the body, which may affect bone health too.

Reduced Health

Periodontal disease can do much more than affect the health of the teeth and gums; it can severely impact patients’ overall health. Periodontal disease causes pockets of infection to develop in the gums, which can travel through the bloodstream into the rest of the body. This infection can lower the immune system and potentially increase the risk of developing diabetes and heart disease.

Consistent and correct dental care is essential to a healthy body and a healthy smile. Work with the dentists and staff of Sanford Dental Excellence to schedule regular teeth cleanings, checkups, and other dental services. Call us at (321) 257-8528 to learn about our non-surgical periodontal treatment and other teeth cleaning services in Sanford.

The Importance of Regular Dental Visits

Seeing your dentist regularly for dental checkups and teeth cleanings is an important part of your overall dental care. As you can see in this short video, your dentist can identify problem areas and so much more that concerns your dental and overall health. Continue reading to learn more.

Regular dental checkups are important because dentists take this opportunity to examine your mouth for cavities, gum disease, and oral cancer. Without these examinations, you could be at risk for various dental concerns, such as gum disease, tooth extraction, and so much more.

Make your checkup appointment right away with Sanford Dental Excellence. Dental checkups and teeth cleanings in Sanford are so important to your overall health and the health of your smile. Please call us at (321) 257-8528 to learn more.

Why Mouthguards Are a Must for Athletes

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Often, patients may need emergency dental care because a tooth was knocked out or chipped during a rousing game of football or basketball. These same patients, whether they are professional or amateur athletes, could all benefit from using a sports mouthguard during their games. As their dentist will quickly tell them, a mouthguard can protect the teeth and gums from severe amounts of damage. Let’s look at why it is so important for athletes to wear a mouthguard:

  • Mouthguards can be custom-made by dentists to fit each individual patient. This secure and personalized fit is the best way to fully protect the teeth and gums from injury during a sports game.
  • Wearing a mouthguard can protect the athlete from a ball or limb to the face, which may result in a knocked-out or chipped tooth.
  • A mouthguard can also protect the athlete from biting down on his or her own tongue and cheeks, which can also warrant emergency dental care.

Don’t go unprotected; trust Sanford Dental Excellence to make a strong, customized, and affordable sports mouthguard in Sanford. Call us at (321) 257-8528 to begin the process with a Sanford dentist.

Helping Seniors with Teeth Brushing

As adults age, their dental health becomes more important than ever. Visiting a dentist regularly and practicing proper teeth brushing are the best ways to maintain strong teeth and a healthy diet and lifestyle. Watch this video for a brief look at how seniors can receive help with teeth brushing.

Using an electric toothbrush is a great way to relieve the difficulty that might accompany teeth brushing. Electric toothbrushes do the work for the senior and they often indicate the amount of time left during each brushing session. These tools are helpful to maintaining a beautiful and healthy smile long into a mature age.

Trusting the dentists of Sanford Dental Excellence, mature adults will receive comprehensive dental care, from teeth cleanings to implant dentistry to dentures near Sanford. We are available to answer all questions about senior dental care at (321) 257-8528.

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