Why Choose Lumineers?

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Lumineers are a thin dental cap, similar to dental veneers. They can cover one or more front teeth, no matter the defect. Lumineers are commonly used to cover gapped teeth, discolorations, cracks, and chips. If you have debated between dental veneers and Lumineers, or you are unsure of the differences, then continue reading below to learn why you should choose Lumineers over veneers and other restorations.

They are thin.
Unlike conventional dental veneers, Lumineers are razor thin applications that can sufficiently cover different teeth defects. Regular veneers are thicker and require an invasive procedure to apply. Lumineers are made from a thin, yet durable material that can be applied quickly to chipped, discolored, or gapped teeth. Even though they are thin, Lumineers are customized to the tooth color of your preference, and they will prevent defects from being seen.

They are minimally invasive.
To apply regular veneers, cosmetic dentists must shave off a portion of the affected tooth or teeth. This procedure typically requires a local or general anesthetic to prevent any pain or discomfort. Due to shaving off the tooth enamel, dental veneers cannot be removed. With Lumineers, however, there is no need to shave off any enamel. This minimally invasive procedure can be done with little to no anesthesia, making the recovery quick and painless. Lumineers can also be removed whenever you wish.

They are durable.
Though they are thin, Lumineers are made of strong porcelain or a composite resin. This material allows for the Lumineers to be tooth-colored and customizable, but it also keeps the caps strong. With regular care—such as flossing, tooth brushing, and dental checkups—your Lumineers can last up to 20 years or longer.

Learn more about Lumineers near Sanford with the help of Sanford Dental Excellence. Lumineers are one of our main dental services, so we excel in application and care. Please call our office at (321) 257-8528 to speak with one of our staff about fitting you for Lumineers.

Why You Should Speak with Your Dentist About Your Snoring

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If you snore regularly, it can be more than a simple disruption to you or your partner. Snoring can be a sign of a serious condition known as sleep apnea. Let’s take a closer look at sleep apnea, its connection to snoring, and reasons you should speak with your dentist soon.

Sleep apnea is a condition that affects your breathing while you sleep. With sleep apnea, your breathing can pause for a few seconds to a couple minutes several times during one night’s sleep. With this loss of oxygen, your sleep is often interrupted, and your waking hours are met with fatigue, irritability, and difficulty concentrating. Snoring is a common sign of sleep apnea, because your airway is blocked, which can cause you to snore while also pausing your breathing. Though snoring is not always connected with sleep apnea, it is crucial to speak with your dentist about your snoring concerns. He may diagnose you with sleep apnea, which should be treated right away.

When you choose Sanford Dental Excellence for your sleep apnea treatment near Sanford, you will have an experienced team of dentists and dental technicians with you for every step. Please schedule your consultation with us by calling (321) 257-8528.

Aftercare Tips for Tooth Extraction

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Following a tooth extraction, it is crucial to your continued health that you follow your dentist’s aftercare instructions. You will receive a list of different tips and instructions, such as avoiding popcorn and cigarettes. Continue reading for a brief list of some other aftercare tips for your tooth extraction.

  • Avoid cigarettes and straws, because the sucking motion required for these items can cause a dry socket to form in the affected area. For optimal oral and overall health, avoid cigarettes at all times.
  • Maintain regular oral and dental care while recovering. By brushing and flossing your remaining teeth, your mouth will be healthier and able to fight any bacteria or infections that might occur.
  • Avoid certain foods—such as popcorn or crunchy grains—because these can become lodged in the surgical site and lead to a painful condition known as dry socket.

Whether you need a tooth extraction, dental fillings, or root canal treatment near Sanford, you can trust the dentists of Sanford Dental Excellence to deliver the best care. Our dentists are skilled in all forms of dentistry, including cosmetic dentistry and implant dentistry. We are available at (321) 257-8528.

Who Can Benefit from Sedation Dentistry?

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Sedation dentistry is a convenient way to help patients receive minor or major dental procedures in complete comfort. Patients who suffer from dental anxiety, have a severe gag reflex, or lead busy lives can benefit from sedation dentistry. Whether these patients require a dental filling or a deep teeth cleaning, they can benefit from sedation dentistry.

Patients with Dental Anxiety
Patients who suffer from severe dental anxiety often benefit from sedation dentistry. With sedation, highly anxious patients can have routine or extensive dental work done without any fear. By using sedation, these patients can maintain their dental health and remain calm throughout their procedures.

Patients with a Gag Reflex
Some patients have a very sensitive gag reflex, which makes dental work difficult to accomplish. With sedation dentistry, these patients will be completely relaxed or asleep, which will allow their sedation dentist to perform the necessary examinations and treatments.

Patients with a Busy Schedule
When patients require several procedures, then they may opt for sedation. Sedation dentistry allows busy patients a way to schedule all of their procedures in one visit, which may not be feasible otherwise. By visiting a sedation dentist, these patients do not have to sacrifice their dental health to a busy schedule.

Patients with Physical Limitations
Many patients have certain physical limitations that make it difficult for them to lie back in a dentist’s chair. With sedation dentistry, patients will be more relaxed, making it easier for the dentist to perform a procedure and more comfortable for the patient to stay in the dental chair.

Sedation dentistry in Sanford has given many patients the freedom and comfort to address their dental health. By choosing Sanford Dental Excellence, patients will receive world-class treatment, comfort, and compassion. Do not hesitate to schedule an appointment with us by calling (321) 257-8528.

The Right Way to Brush Your Teeth

As your dentist can tell you during your regular checkups and teeth cleanings, brushing properly is the key to a healthy smile. Using the tips found in the short video, here is the right way to brush your teeth every day:

Use a soft-bristled toothbrush to gently brush your teeth and gums. Do this action at least twice a day for two minutes at a time. This, plus brushing your tongue, is the best way to remove the maximum number of dangerous bacteria from forming on your teeth and gums.

Learn proper brushing techniques and other dental care tips from your dentist at Sanford Dental Excellence. We pride ourselves on our accomplished dentists and our routine and emergency dental care serving Sanford. Please call us at (321) 257-8528 to schedule a checkup or other dental procedures.

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