Tips for Maintaining Your Oral Hygiene While Wearing Braces

It can take a while to adjust to wearing and caring for braces. In the meantime, consult your dentist if you have any concerns. Your dentist will provide detailed instructions on cleaning your teeth and making lifestyle modifications. You can also observe the following care tips to maintain a healthy mouth during your orthodontic treatment.


Young woman with brackets on teeth

Make Dietary Modifications
Some foods may damage your braces or cause the brackets to become loose. Foods you should avoid include apples, popcorn, pretzels, bagels, nuts, carrots, and corn on the cob. You should also avoid sticky foods, like caramel and taffy. Most foods are still edible with braces as long as you cut your snacks into small pieces. Your dentist may provide you with a more comprehensive list of foods you should avoid.

Maintain Good Oral Habits
When you have braces, food particles are more likely to become trapped. This means that brushing and flossing your teeth regularly and thoroughly is especially important. You’ll need to adjust to cleaning your teeth in a different manner; when in doubt, ask your dentist to demonstrate how to brush and floss with braces. In addition to using a regular toothbrush, you should clean between the braces with a proxabrush and thread the floss carefully between the brackets.

Implement Lifestyle Modifications
In addition to changing your diet and paying close attention to your brushing habits, there are a few other measures you need to take to protect your braces. If you chew gum, for example, you’ll have to stop for the duration of the treatment. Your dentist will also warn you against chewing on hard objects like pen caps, fingernails, and ice. If you play sports, wear a mouth guard to protect your braces and mouth.

Make Dentist Appointments
Keep your mouth healthy while wearing braces by seeing your dentist every six months for check-ups and cleanings. Periodically, you’ll also visit your dentist for orthodontic adjustments.

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Reasons to Consider Professional Teeth Whitening Over At-Home Whitening Methods

The popularity of tooth whitening has exploded in recent years, and with good reason. Many people are dissatisfied with discolored, stained teeth from years of consuming pigmented foods and beverages, tobacco use, or yellowing due to the natural aging process. While there are many whitening products available at supermarkets, you should talk to your dentist about tooth whitening. Professional whitening treatments at your dentist’s office provide results that are quick, dramatic, and long-lasting. Here’s a look at some of the benefits of professional tooth whitening:

Smiling woman with great healthy white teeth

At-home tooth whitening products require many applications and a lengthy time commitment before producing visible results. In contrast, a professional tooth whitening treatment at your dentist’s office produces immediate results. You’ll notice that your teeth are many shades whiter after just one treatment.

If you choose an in-office treatment, you can enjoy brilliant, stain-free teeth for much longer than you would if you choose an at-home system. At-home systems remove the surface stains from teeth, while professional treatments work deeper. A treatment at your dentist’s office can last for up to five years, while results from at-home products may only last for six months to a year.

Tooth Sensitivity
Over-the-counter bleaching products can be extremely abrasive and harmful to your teeth. With prolonged use, they can damage the teeth and irritate the gums, resulting in increased tooth sensitivity. A bleaching system used by your dentist involves higher concentrations of the active ingredients that whiten your teeth; however, your dentist will take safety precautions throughout the treatment. If you prefer a safer whitening method, choose a treatment from your dentist’s office.

If you’re tired of dull or discolored teeth, schedule your professional tooth whitening treatment today. Residents in the Lake Mary and Orlando areas are encouraged to call Sanford Dental Excellence for an appointment. Contact us at (407) 320-1700 or visit our website for more information on our dentistry services.

What Are Mini Dental Implants?

Advances in dental technology can help anyone achieve a beautiful, healthy smile—even with the loss of natural teeth. Dentures are one option for replacing missing teeth, but sometimes they do not fit as well as they should. If your dentures are unstable, talk to your dentist about having mini dental implants (MDI). Mini implants are just what they sound like: they’re like traditional dental implants, but smaller and less invasive. Major surgery is not required. Also, they’re much more cost-effective and work just as well as traditional implants.

Many people choose to have mini implants to stabilize their dentures. They can also replace the missing teeth with no need for dentures. They’re particularly ideal for replacing teeth in a narrow area. Mini dental implants do not require as much bone mass as traditional implants, so even those with bone deterioration may be good candidates for this procedure.

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Schedule your consultation for mini dental implants today. Residents of Lake Mary and Orlando can call Sanford Dental Excellence at (407) 320-1700 for more information.

When Might You Require a Tooth Extraction?

Saving a patient’s natural tooth is always the preferred course of action; dentists only recommend tooth extractions when all other treatments are inadequate. When a tooth extraction is unavoidable, ask your dentist what you can expect during the procedure. Keep reading to learn some common reasons for a tooth extraction and methods of making patients more comfortable during this dental procedure.

Dental Exam

Conditions that Require Extraction
When tooth decay develops, your dentist removes the decayed matter and applies a filling. But sometimes, the decay extends deep inside the tooth. When this occurs, a tooth extraction may be necessary. Extractions are also required for teeth that are badly damaged past the point of repair, and for teeth that are impacted. Wisdom teeth often become impacted, which means that they do not have enough room to fully erupt. Since this can cause damage to adjacent teeth and other oral problems, dentists recommend removing impacted teeth.

What You Can Expect
Prior to the tooth extraction, your dentist examines your mouth, takes x-rays, and reviews your medical history. Be sure to tell him or her about any medical conditions you have or any medications and supplements you take. Next, the dentist applies a local anesthetic to numb the area. The tooth is gently loosened and removed. Sometimes, the dentist may apply stitches, which will dissolve on their own over time. Follow your dentist’s self-care instructions after the tooth extraction to encourage the proper healing of your mouth.

How Sedation Dentistry Can Help
Sedation dentistry can help those who experience dental anxiety or phobias. Sedatives may be especially helpful when the extraction is complex, as is often the case with wisdom teeth. Talk to your dentist about opting for sedation dentistry during an extraction. You might choose a very light sedative to ease your nerves or a deeper sedative if you have severe anxiety.

At Sanford Dental Excellence, we try to save the patient’s natural teeth whenever possible. When a tooth needs to be removed, we offer expert extractions with sedation dentistry. Lake Mary and Orlando residents can schedule an appointment by calling (407) 320-1700.

Why White Teeth May Not Be Healthy Teeth

Most people agree that bright white teeth are ideal; however, white teeth are not necessarily healthy teeth. Tooth whitening products and treatments do not clean the teeth; they merely lift stains. There is no substitute for maintaining a good oral care routine that includes brushing twice daily and flossing once daily.

For more information on tooth whitening and maintaining a healthy smile, watch this video. This dentist explains that some dental problems may not be visible to the naked eye, and discusses the importance of regular dental visits to check for these issues.

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