Why Every Athlete Should Have a Mouth Guard

When it comes to sports, your dentist will tell you that a mouth guard is an essential part of any athlete’s uniform. Whether you play a contact sport like football or prefer a solo activity like gymnastics, a mouth guard  will cushion your mouth against any impact. Here are the top reasons why every athlete needs a mouth guard:

White tooth

Lessen the Impact
You don’t have to be a boxer to get sidelined due to a fist, elbow, or knee to the jaw. Contact and collision sports like boxing and football pose an especially high risk for dental injuries, but skaters, bikers, and gymnasts experience their fair share of tumbles and accidents. A well-fitted mouth guard can lessen the impact of a fall and minimize the risk of injury to your face, lips, teeth, and jaw. Mouth guards typically cover the upper teeth and also protect the soft tissues of your tongue, lips, and cheeks.

Shield Your Mouth
Your best option for protection is to have a mouth guard custom-fitted by your dentist, as pre-formed mouth guards can be bulky and difficult to breathe in. Having a custom mouth guard will ensure that your teeth and mouth are completely protected and that you can concentrate on the game without any discomfort.

Increase Your Performance
Did you know that clenching your teeth causes your body to produce a hormone called cortisol, which increases your heart rate and blood pressure? Unfortunately, the response this hormone produces can be distracting for an athlete. Professional and casual athletes alike can use custom mouth guards to help prevent teeth clenching, allowing them to focus more clearly on the game.

Are you interested in getting a custom mouth guard for yourself or your child? Sanford Dental Excellence combines sympathetic care with unmatched results. If you live in the greater Orlando area, stop by our Lake Mary office or call us today at (407) 320-1700 to learn more about our services.

Want To Know How To Keep Your Smile Healthy? Then Take A Look At These Links

Sanford Dental Excellence has been providing one-stop comprehensive dental services to the Orlando community for over 30 years. Our dentists and staff are dedicated to providing the best in personal attention to ensure your satisfaction.  Click the links below to find out even more about keeping your smile healthy:


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  • For more information about sedation options for dentistry procedures, check out this article from ASDAHQ.org.
  • MouthHealthy.org, the American Dental Association’s new website for consumers, offers detailed information about the most common symptoms of dental problems.
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What Not to Do in Dental Care

Your tooth enamel may be even harder than your bones, but it’s still susceptible to damage caused by neglect and abuse. As your family dentist will tell you, once your teeth’s outer coating is gone, there is no way for your body to generate more. To maintain your oral health and keep your smile bright, avoid these common dental blunders:


Skipping Brushing
Dentists recommend brushing after each meal using circular strokes, fluoride toothpaste, and a soft-bristled brush. Brush for about two minutes each time, and never scrub too hard. You should wait for about an hour after your meal before you brush to help protect your enamel. If you have children, make the daily routine a fun activity that you do together.

Forgetting to Floss
Flossing helps preserve your oral health, as it lets you clean areas between your teeth and near your gum line. Neglecting your gums can cause them to become inflamed—a condition called gingivitis. Gingivitis is not only painful, but can actually lead to tooth loss.

Chomping or Grinding
When you bite down on ice or other hard objects, you damage your teeth. You may suffer hairline fractures, gum injuries, worn enamel, and even broken teeth. Another habit that can damage the structure of your teeth is tooth grinding. This action can wear down your teeth and pave the way for cavities after you’ve worn down the top layers of enamel. Ask your dentist about getting fitted for a mouthguard if you grind your teeth while you sleep.

Whitening Too Frequently
Repetitive teeth whitening can actually lead to gum irritation and increased tooth sensitivity. If you already have sensitive teeth, gum disease, or worn enamel, check with your dentist before you begin using any whitening product.

From dental implants to Invisalign, Sanford Dental Excellence offers a range of general and cosmetic dentistry services to meet all of your dental needs. If you live in the Orlando area, visit us online or call (407) 320-1700 today to get started on your path to better oral health.    

The Link Between Apples and Your Oral Health

Do you wish you could rush home to brush and floss after every meal, but find that your busy schedule gets in the way? As you will learn in this video, opting for an apple after lunch will not only help keep your body healthy, but will also clean your teeth!

An apple’s mild acidity and fiber-rich skin makes it an ideal snack for cleansing and brightening teeth between meals. The crunchy bits of an apple can help scrub away particles of food and stubborn stains.

For even more information about keeping your teeth clean and healthy, contact Sanford Dental Excellence today at (407) 320-1700. Our cosmetic dentistry practice offers Invisalign, implants, and teeth whitening to keep you looking and feeling your best.

Tips for Getting Past Your Dental Anxiety

For many individuals, even a routine checkup at the dentist can seem stressful. Sanford Dental Excellence is dedicated to making your experience as comfortable as possible, and we pride ourselves on offering our Orlando patients safe and effective sedation dentistry services. Here are some simple tips to help relieve the tension of any visit to the dentist:


Get Acquainted
Does the idea of even a simple teeth cleaning fill you with dread? If so, be sure to choose a dentist with whom you feel comfortable. If you are choosing a new dentist, opt for one who doesn’t jump right into the cleaning in the first visit, but instead sits to chat about your medical history, your hobbies, and your family. Finding a dentist who shows empathy and has a good chair-side manner are two big factors in reducing dental anxiety.

Check Out The Equipment
If dental instruments make you especially nervous, ask your dentist to explain the function of each one so they seem less foreign. If you have a sensitive gag reflex or are still anxious, consider visiting a dentist who specializes in sedation dentistry. A sedation dentist can use an oral sedative or an IV drip to put you into a drowsy and sleepy state while you remain safely conscious.

Make Yourself at Home
If you feel uncomfortable lying back in a dentist’s chair because you suffer from head or neck pain, ask your dentist to adjust your chair or try using pillows to ease muscle tension. Many dentists today provide soothing music, blankets, and light dimming glasses to make you feel at home.

Sanford Dental Excellence believes that patients should never have to put off dental treatment because they are apprehensive. Call our sedation dentists today at (407) 320-1700 to learn how we can make your visit as pleasant and relaxed as possible. 

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