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Sanford Sedation Dentistry

Visiting your dentist should be a comfortable experience. Though sedation dentistry, all patients can feel safe and relaxed while receiving the dental care needed for a healthy smile. Whether you have ever felt slightly uncomfortable in the dentist’s chair or have avoided dental work due to discomfort, sedation dentistry can help you enjoy a more positive dental experience. Dr. Seidler of Sanford Dental Excellence is pleased to offer sedation dentistry serving Sanford for the comfort of every patient.

Three Reasons to Choose Sedation Dentistry
Sedation dentistry offers patients the opportunity to relax during dental treatment. There are many reasons patients may choose to visit a sedation dentist:

  1. The health of your mouth impacts the health of your body. Numerous links have been found between oral health and heart disease, diabetes, and stroke. If you have trouble visiting the dentist due to fear or anxiety, sedation dentistry can allow you to receive the dental care you need for a healthier mouth and a healthier body.
  2. Sensitive teeth are a common dental condition that can affect your comfort, even during a simple procedure such as a teeth cleaning. Because sedation dentistry will help you feel more relaxed, your teeth and gums will feel less sensitive and your treatment will pass much more quickly and comfortably.
  3. Even if you are not fearful of the dentist, a dislike of needles can affect your ability to receive local anesthesia. Dental sedation can calm your anxiety and even make you forget that a needle was used at all to administer anesthetic during your dental procedure.

Sedation Dentistry Considerations
Dental sedation can be the ideal solution for patients who feel any form of discomfort or anxiety during dental treatment. You can speak with an experienced sedation dentist serving Sanford today by calling Sanford Dental Excellence at (321) 257-8528.

  • Most of the drugs your sedation dentist uses are fast-acting and will wear off shortly after your appointment. However, you will need to arrange for transportation home and should plan for a short recovery period after your dental visit before returning to work or other activities.
  • If you are currently taking any medications, it’s important to tell your sedation dentist before your appointment. Your dentist needs this information to ensure he provides you with sedatives that are appropriate for use with your current medications.
  • The type of sedation that is best for you is based on your personal preferences. Talk to your dentist about your level of comfort and how sleepy or alert you would like to feel—he will take your preferences into consideration to ensure you have the best experience.