6-Month Braces Program

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Sanford 6-Month Braces Program

It is never too late to enjoy the benefits of a well-aligned smile. Now, your dentist in Sanford can offer you the opportunity to enjoy straighter teeth in just six months. Sanford Dental Excellence is pleased to offer the Six Month Smiles program, widely used by dentists as a comfortable and effective solution to transform smiles for greater confidence and dental health.

Top Benefits of Straighter Teeth
The Six Month Smiles program offers you the ability to achieve a straighter, healthier smile in as little as six months. If you’re wondering why you should consider orthodontic treatment in Sanford, there are many benefits you can gain when you opt for treatment with Six Month Smiles’ invisible braces:

  • Misaligned teeth affect the look of your overall smile, impacting the confidence you feel when you speak, smile, or laugh. Straighter teeth are more cosmetically appealing, offering you more confidence in your appearance.
  • Straighter teeth are easier to clean. This means your new smile will be less susceptible to cavities and gum disease, reducing your risk of dental disease and minimizing the overall time spent with your dentist.
  • Teeth that are poorly aligned are subject to uneven wear, which can cause shortening of the teeth or make them more prone to chips and cracks. When your teeth are aligned properly in your mouth, they are under less stress and aren’t as likely to sustain wear or damage.

Three Key Components of Six Month Smiles Treatment
Are you wondering what makes Six Month Smiles so unique? This innovative orthodontic solution is popular for many reasons. You can discuss your orthodontic treatment options with an experienced dentist in Sanford when you call Sanford Dental Excellence at (321) 257-8528 to get started on the path to straighter, healthier teeth.

  1. Six Month Smiles focuses on treating the teeth that are visible when you smile. Thus, this system is ideal for patients seeking orthodontic treatment particularly for the teeth at the front of the mouth, which are the teeth that primarily affect your appearance when you speak or laugh.
  2. Although Six Month Smiles can help you achieve the look you want faster than conventional braces, the forces used to move your teeth are the same as those used during traditional orthodontic treatment. This means your invisible braces can offer comfortable treatment without any risk of gum or tooth root damage.
  3. As with any orthodontic treatment, after your Six Month Smiles treatment is complete, you’ll need a retainer to keep your teeth in their new alignment. Your dentist can provide you with either a removable or bonded retainer, depending upon your personal preferences.